Sunday, November 11, 2012

Harnesses for the Holidays~

Puppia Snowflake Harness
Puppia Snowflake Harness

  Harnesses are a great gift for you, your doggie or a friends dog this Holiday season. We have so many choices, here are a few of my favorites from Puppia to Susan Lanci! Get yours today~

Puppia Holiday Harness
Uptown Harness by Puppia
Puppia Zest Harness
Puppia Zest Harness

Susan Lanci Nouveau Bow Stepin Harness
Susan Lanci Nouveau Bow Step In Harness

Winter Wonderland Jumpsuits & Parkas

  Im so excited about the new line of winter wear from Puppia! Check out these darling and warm Holiday comfy jumpsuits and parkas for your beloved fur friends~

Puppia, Pinkaholic, Reindeer Jumpsuits
Reindeer Junpsuits

Puppia, Wonderland Parkas
Wonderland Parkas

Puppia Whteout Jumpsuits
Whiteout Junpsuits

Susan Lanci Cuddle Cups!

  Winter and the holidays are here at last!  We have some special goodies for you to consider.  One of our favorites is this Pink Leopard & Curly Sue Cuddle Cup Bed by Susan Lanci Designs. Dog Snuggle Bed is a small dog favorite for those who love burrow and snuggle.  My little ones love  to cuddle up in their cuddle cups. They are ultra luxurious favorites of ours.
This dog bed can be used 3 ways: as sleeping bag, cup style for laps or spread it out for a doubly luxurious 50" x 20" throw! A Susan Lanci Design. Dimensions: 20" w x 25" l.
Be sure to check out all the faux fur color options.

Susan Lanci Cuddle Cup