Sunday, November 11, 2012

Harnesses for the Holidays~

Puppia Snowflake Harness
Puppia Snowflake Harness

  Harnesses are a great gift for you, your doggie or a friends dog this Holiday season. We have so many choices, here are a few of my favorites from Puppia to Susan Lanci! Get yours today~

Puppia Holiday Harness
Uptown Harness by Puppia
Puppia Zest Harness
Puppia Zest Harness

Susan Lanci Nouveau Bow Stepin Harness
Susan Lanci Nouveau Bow Step In Harness

Winter Wonderland Jumpsuits & Parkas

  Im so excited about the new line of winter wear from Puppia! Check out these darling and warm Holiday comfy jumpsuits and parkas for your beloved fur friends~

Puppia, Pinkaholic, Reindeer Jumpsuits
Reindeer Junpsuits

Puppia, Wonderland Parkas
Wonderland Parkas

Puppia Whteout Jumpsuits
Whiteout Junpsuits

Susan Lanci Cuddle Cups!

  Winter and the holidays are here at last!  We have some special goodies for you to consider.  One of our favorites is this Pink Leopard & Curly Sue Cuddle Cup Bed by Susan Lanci Designs. Dog Snuggle Bed is a small dog favorite for those who love burrow and snuggle.  My little ones love  to cuddle up in their cuddle cups. They are ultra luxurious favorites of ours.
This dog bed can be used 3 ways: as sleeping bag, cup style for laps or spread it out for a doubly luxurious 50" x 20" throw! A Susan Lanci Design. Dimensions: 20" w x 25" l.
Be sure to check out all the faux fur color options.

Susan Lanci Cuddle Cup

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Winter Coats

   Weather changes affect us all, even our fur-friends get chilly as you can see when they curl up tighter into balls to keep warm. You might think that that nice warm coat of fur is sufficient to keep the chill off, but it really is not. Add in the overall atmospheric changes, the storms, ice and snow.
Dress your pooch in warmth, beauty and luxury with one of our Star vendors "Wooflink." This coat is a real darling and called Beautiful Day Coat.

• Heavy weight faux fur coat
• Cute pocket with logo embroidery
• Heart shaped ornament on back
• Snap button opening
              • Hand wash
              • Cost is $70.00

~Winter Special 20% coupon code WinterWolf ~

Doggie Playtime~

Dogs love to play, and toys are a necessary part of healthy playtime and exploration. Appropriate toys can help keep a curious dog from ripping apart your home or clothing like your favorite shoes.

Choose toys that offer variety, and rotate them to help prevent boredom. Your dog may enjoy a toy that reminds him of you, especially when you can't be home with him. This could be something like an old T shirt with a tennis ball tied into it

If your dog is an aggressive chewer, be sure to provide toys that are hard and splinter-resistant, such as natural antlers or goat hooves high in Chrondroiton sulfate and good for their tendons, muscle and joints. Keep in mind your dogs best toy of all is playtime and interactions with you. Take a agility class for fun with your friend or some other fun doggie classes.
Your dog loves you like no other, have fun together!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer Heat, Never Leave Your Fur Friend in a Car!

Cracked windows don't cut it - especially with the temperatures that accompany summer weather. Every summer I see this around the city here in Portland, I call the Police every time, it is a $1000 fine here and they will break into the car. Thank you Oregon Police department! Get your police numbers on your cell phones folks so its handy and you can expedite a call.
A car becomes an oven on warm days - you wouldn't leave your dog in an oven - be safe, leave your dog at home.
There are very few people who would ever consider placing their dog into an oven, closing the door, and turning on the heat.
Bottom line - don't leave your dog inside of a car on a warm day. I am and have always been an advocate for animals, our silent sufferers.
"A hot oven or a hot car...It's the same thing".

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

FDA Pet Food Recalls/Blue Buffalo & the Untimely Death Of my Aussie

There is a dire situation I want all animal lovers to be hyper aware of which I found out after I lost my beloved Australian Shepherd Roadie on May 28th, 2011. There are over 998 recalled  pet foods on the FDA website: FDA Pet Food Recall List (in case the link is not working)

My girl was on Blue Buffalo that I purchased from PetSmart. The recall happened in Oct 2010. I was never notified by PetSmart via email or postings at the store in regards to how this food could be detrimental to my dogs health. My Chihuahua, Zoe and my Chinese Crested puppy, Sketch would actullay pick out the tainted bits in the food and not eat them, but my Roadie would go over and polish off these bits.  My poor Roadie suffered organ damage and then a stroke. Although Stroke is rare in dogs and it is possible they can slowly recover, my baby got worse and passed on at 11 1/2 years. I have been beside myself with grief I loved her like she was one of my kids. Personally I will never buy from Blue Buffalo ever again, nor will I buy any brand from the recalled FDA list! 

I have found a company I can recommend, it is Orijen and Acana, they award winning Canadian pet food makers. Orijen won Pet food of the year 2009 - 2011, Certified by the Glycemic Research Institute, Washington, D.C. If anyone is interested I can post a site that you can order this from for an excellent price delivered to your door for free. I use the service and am satisfied with them.

I have fed, and continue to give raw veggies, plain yogurt, chicken, brown rice and avocado to my dogs, in appropriate portions at various times in the week.

You can click on the title of this post to take you to the updated recall list current as of October 13th, 2011. Here are the links to the information about the tainted Blue Buffalo foods.

Recall issued of certain Blue Buffalo dog foods

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

Good human food to feed your best friend for optimum health benefits 

Although many human foods can be detrimental to dog's health, like chocolate, some can lead to optimum health benefits. Carrots have great health benefits for your canine companion. Raw carrots are great for teeth cleaning and also satisfy your dog's need to chew. A few teaspoons, and up to a tablespoon, a day of  plain greek yogurt can also benefit your dogs health. Yogurt is good for you and your dog's healthy intestinal flora. Another important supplement for your dog is DHA/EPA omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids improve your dog's coat quality and are good for heart and brain function. I give child chewable from Trader Joes to my dogs, alternatively I give them Udons oils. 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Welcome to Dancing Woof Couture

We are launching a new company that will cater to your fur friends comfort, style, grooming, and safety. We will post training tips, and heath and wellness tips.
This new company is a sub Brand of Dancing Wolf, LLC. We will be offering doggie clothing, accessories, and grooming supplies for your best fur friend. Some of our items will be custom made for your doggies specific measurements assuring your dog of a great comfortable fit. Our vendors are all across the US and in various countries. Your doggie will truly be dressed in Global style!

Once we are up and running, we will be donating a percentage of our proceeds to various organizations in the name of our logo icon the "Peace Paw" in the hopes that the vast global abuse and neglect of our fur friends will end. We hope to be able to reach out and get the message out to Spay and Neuter. One of our goals is to have information for every State to help with spay and neuter costs. For instance where once can go to get free or reduced certificates.

More to come, until then Paws Up For Peace~